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I said that I would write in phrases

by Jonathan

Go read my first Jonathan’s Journey In that journey…I said that I would write in phrases…spelling would be an issue (Barbara really has a problem with my spelling—I try to use spell check—but it will spell a correct work as you saw in yesterday’s Journey—but that is really bad when it is on the wrong word!) I [...]

The last 48-72 hours have been filled with a lot of stories

by Jonathan

Where do we begin? The last 48-72 hours have been filled with a lot of stories…and to be honest I don’t know where to begin…or maybe where did I leave off? Friday afternoon—we left the capital city of Honduras and headed to Jovenes en Camino for the weekend celebration–as we begin our 10th year of [...]

Remembering Coach Glenn McCadams

by Jonathan

Remembering Coach Glenn McCadams (Day 5 and 6 in Honduras…are here in Tegucigalpa—and I will try to post some update information. I have made some videos and tried to post them to Facebook…but not having a lot of luck. I might try to post some pictures tomorrow—but my WIFI is limited to the hotel…and my [...]

Day 4 in Honduras.

by Jonathan

I have posted some more pictures on my FACEBOOK Page. (Dan Gower, I have labeled some of the pictures…I was in a hurry at lunch and just had to post the pictures!) Before I get into some of our activities of the day….let me begin by sending my best and my prayers to Coach Mac [...]