Come thirsty! BHCC XXVIII is off and running! We have a great staff and a great group of campers. Fawn (former youth intern, former youth ministry administrative assistant)  is our social media director (or as she prefers, Social Media Maven), and she has been posting pictures to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. And now, she is posting the “Journey.”

When I started camping some 51 years ago, the closest thing to “instagram” was the dream of “polaroid.” We were still using “Brownie cameras”–silent 8mm film and disposable cameras were still a thing in the future. E-mail and the internet were “science fiction” talk.

It’s amazing what has changed with technology, but the neat thing about camp is you can still go into God’s nature, enjoy his creation, study his word, and strengthen relationships.

We still play some of the same games and laugh at the same jokes we told at the first camp. As I like to say, “Camp is camp. Just as Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever–camp can be the same yesterday, today, and forever–with just a few tweaks or twitters!” #jonathanjokes

  • The Student Ministry staff welcomed me back as Senior Camp Director with “Anchorman” shirts to designate our 30th year at BHCC! It was a surprise and an honor. Thanks to Bert, Robbie, Rachel, and the Interns.
  • Sunday night provided our 1st baptism as Kristen Freund was baptized by her father after our eveningworship.
  • God provided us with some great weather this weekend as we set up camp. A couple rain showers came through to cool off everyone, but we hadno rain on Sunday afternoon as the campers arrived. Our kick off to camp ended with a beautiful night and hot dog supper.
  • My “Early Morning” alarm was the sound of young campers playing 9-square, Gotcha and Roof Ball. Everyone is up early on Monday–Ready to go! It’s great to be at camp!
  • We have nearly 160 campers. I am waiting on the final count as we’ve had several cancellations and additions at the last minute. A good number of college students and other adults are working this year.
  • This morning Bible class, crafts, and other activities have everyone busy.
  • I must mention my “Rock” Barbara is not able to be here 24-7 this year. Friday night her dad entered the hospital with dehydration. He took our camp theme literally. He is still in Williamson Medical Center. Barbara has been coming to camp to help in the late afternoon and evening then returning to Franklin to help her parents during the day. We pray that he is able to get out of the hospital today or tomorrow.
  • Keep following us, and we will keep you posted! Don’t forget! We do not remember days, we remember moments. We are getting ready for a lot of great moments…

Enjoy your Journey!