It is Wednesday morning, and yes, somewhere along the way I lost Tuesday.  It is hard to explain how busy we are at camp!  As I tell my buddy in Honduras, Ronald Million, I am so busy, I don’t have time to read the newspaper. I am running around like a chicken with his head cut off!

Yesterday morning, I was up by 6 am camp time and on my way to Nashville to share during a 7:30 am early morning worship time at Summer Celebration.  Andrew Leeper and I were “worship leaders” for the early morning devo at the Bison Square fountains.  Really, Andrew was the worship leader, and I was the 10 minute devo speaker!

Several from North Carolina were in the crowd along with some BHCC folks and some other Lipscomb friends who stopped by the fountains for our early morning praise time.

After the devotional I had the honor to spend some time with Casey Bond, the former Bison Baseball player who is producing “The Don Meyer” movie.  He is in Nashville to work on final details before they begin filming August 12th on the Lipscomb Campus!  It is going to be an exciting time!

Since I was away yesterday morning, Robbie Forrester and Bert Paddock stepped up to help lead the morning assembly along with Lt. Col. Fred Frawley (pappa Fred!)

Fred shared with the campers about retired Capt. Homer Samuels who spent about 37 years in the military as a medical professional.  Capt. Samuels and his wife, Helen, joined us for lunch, and we were honored to have them as our guest.

Our afternoon was filled with games and a lot of fun.  The temperature was in the low to mid 90’s, and we had a lot of fun on the water slide.  It was great for cooling everyone off!

A lot of the camp spent the afternoon in the Mosley Dinning Hall watching the World Cup, and we were all disappointed when team USA went down in defeat and were eliminated from the competition.

Sadie Hawkins night and tacky “Goodwill” Prom night was a big hit. Of course everyone loved “Sweetheart” kickball.  We had another great night of worship, and we wrapped up our focus on AUTHORITY!  An emphasis on GOD’S AUTHORITY in our lives.

Our evening was cut short, and we missed our late night devotional at the Sonshine Theater as “lightning and rain” moved into the area. We made the decision to send the campers and staff to their cabins a little early.

Wednesday morning has been full of Bible Classes and crafts!  The young people are writing encouraging and supporting notes during our “covenant’ session, and then, they will head to TAwG time.  That is “Time Alone with God!” After the prayer and meditation time it will be time for lunch, and then, another afternoon of great games at camp!

Our campers are working hard to “go home better than they came!”

We are all working to be “Light and Love” on our Journey to the Son!  Remember, “We don’t remember days…we remember moments!”

Have a great Journey

NOTE:  Fawn will add other thoughts….and pictures…as our Journey to BHCC XXVIII continues….