Jonathan’s Journey



So much has happened since my last post….including the “lockdown to Lock-in” during senior camp.  I will try to share about that a little later in this Journey!  Thanks to Fawn for posting my Journey and the pictures last week during senior camp…however at about 8:30 am (Camp Time) last Thursday (July 3rd) my week at camp took a complete different twist…and the plans for the rest of the week completely changed….as we went from FREEDOM at camp…to a LOCKDOWN situation by the White Bluff Police Department—and it changed the course of the rest of the week….it turned out to be great ….but for several hours it was the most stress that I have been in for years or ever!  It also meant that I shut down writing, facebook and twitter quotes (Fawn kept things going on the social media—but for me, I am just now re-entering the world!)


More on the Lockdown later…..


Now to Junior Camp….we are in the Mosley Dinning Hall…where we have had a great Breakfast (French toast) and we have experienced TAG TIME…and now we are headed into Songfest!


Lance High—is programming and directing Junior Camp this week…and he is doing an awesome job.  We have all “Come Thirsty”—and the #ThiristyGames are underway!  He has a lot of talent and does a great job working with the younger campers.


I am here to help coordinate camp…and to provide support and back-up!


Another torch is being passed


Today marks my 10th day at camp….and we have three more after today!  I love camp…and I have spent two weeks at camp many a year!  Nearly a year and a half of my life has been spent at camp!  That is hard to believe!


By the way, the junior camp singing is great this morning!


We have had a day filled with WATER!  Natural WATER AND LIVING WATER!  Lance has done a great job organizing and planning camp…and he has a great group of leaders!  He does a great job with the younger campers….and it has been a great Monday.


Tomorrow it is going to hot again   We also have a chance of rain even some storms tomorrow night.  So, we will be watching the weather and the radar tomorrow and tomorrow night.


Scott Gray is keeping an eye on the situation and sent me this information today:


Tuesday afternoon/evening Severe Storm Potential

•     A line of showers and storms is expected to develop along the Ohio River on Tuesday afternoon

•     This line of showers and storms will then move south into Middle Tennessee from late Tuesday afternoon into Tuesday evening

•     Some storms could be strong to possibly severe – Main concerns are damaging winds & locally heavy rain

– Highest severe storm risk along & north of I-40 – Timing:

• 4pm to 8pm north of I-40 • 7pm to 12am south of I-40


•     Showers and storms are expected to develop along the Ohio River on Tuesday afternoon

•     These strong to potentially severe storms will move south into Middle Tennessee late Tuesday afternoon into Tuesday evening

•     Highest risk of severe storms north of I-40 – Main threat is damaging winds Locally heavy rainfall also possible

•     Severe weather threat should diminsh after midnight


Also, my friend Tommy Clevenger is glad the Journey is back…and he sent me this message today:


Well, I have been reading about camp in the newest editions of Jonathan’s Journey. Really, it had been so long since I read one, I had thought you had forgotten how to do it. And you post pictures too! You are a versitile Camp Leader.


All is fine here in Nashville. As you know, we have air conditioning here, so it is a bit hard to relate to camp conditions. But I guess coming from a back-woods state as you do, no air conditioning seems normal. I mentioned at church “I hope things were going well for Jonathan at camp” and several people said “Oh, is Jonathan not here? Didn’t notice”. I should tell you, we had a bit of a noise problem during morning services as several of the Elders and Deacons had sneaked out and were playing Nine Square on the court you all had taped off and they got into quite a heated discussion. Athletic differences do that to people. We also fished two inner tubes out of the Baptistry. Andrew announced yesterday about the upgrades to our Auditorium Audio and Visual systems. He said it was a good thing “new blood” like him was here to spur that on as some of the “old timers” (he did not use your name, but I think it was clear to everyone who he meant) just had not kept up with the times. I was a little surprised that we are going to call it “The Leeper Sound and Movie System”, but I am sure that is was he said. Very nice of someone to recognize his efforts.


In honor of camp, I pulled out some old crafts. Remember the PVC air guns? I have been driving the cats crazy with mine. I also found a leather refrigerator magnet (BHCC XXIII ?), a neat necklace that a camper gave me because it was “T” for Mr. Tommy, and, of course, baskets from various years. I also went out on the porch and enjoyed concrete stepping stones from a couple of years. It occurred to me that the nicest stuff I have in my house came from camp. In honor of camp, I took two towels, a shirt, and some underwear and left them for someone else to deal with as “lost-and-found” items (how do you lose something in a one room cabin?). I’m loving this way to camp!!


Well, time for my afternoon nap. Tell everyone hello for me. Think about me tonight when I am eating bologna on stale bread while you feast on the five star dinner the cooks always serve (only camp in the world where you GAIN weight by going!). Enjoy an extra serving in my honor!


Tom Clevenger,


On this Monday night…it has been filled with a great day for the campers…and a lot of work behind the scenes for me….a trip to Sam’s and Fred’s for supplies, a trip to the storage unit, couple of trips to the dumpster…as the WIT’s (Workers in Training) and some of the college students joined me to fill the empty dumpster that was delivered today, assembly time, watching games, devotional…and yes one little nap this afternoon!


I have 10 days in the book…3 more before we put a wrap on BHCC XXVIII.


Well, it is getting late…and my bed is calling.  I will try to post the blog…and maybe some pictures by tomorrow.  Have a great Journey and keep praying for us!