Wednesday, July 16, 2014 – Honduras

Last night we got everyone settled into their rooms (two different hotels)–before 9 pm…and most were sound asleep by 9 pm. It had been a long day. And then most of us were up early this morning (time change—no daylight savings time here—so the sun is up early!)

We all gathered at Jovenes for a pancake breakfast and then we began our day. Orientation…and then packing over 175 buckets, unpacking all of the suitcases, loading clothing bags, backing up empty suitcases, some started painting projects, others went to the river to get BIG BOULDER rocks for a project—a covered sidewalk through the campus–others painted bleachers–others dug post holes—-and all of that before lunch!

A VBS, crafts and Mary Kate’s basket weaving, soccer, games, and grilling 220 chicken legs!

A great day at Jovenes. Casey Langford (former BHCC intern) is leading a group of 25 from Huntsville, Texas. Their group worked about an hour away from Jovenes today—and they are staying at our hotel…so they enjoyed dinner with our group tonight.

We ended the day with a devotional with all the boys, house parents and employees and our group. After the devotional we made plans for Thursday…handed out more water bottles and took the 10-15 minute ride to our hotels.

We headed to the buses at 7:30pm…in all my years in Honduras…I have never sent everyone to the hotel at 7:30…but most were tired and ready for bed! I have been here in the restaurant checking emails, texting and talking to Bethany….to find out how things are going in Nashville.

Now it is almost 10 pm, and I have finished the Journey…and plan to head to bed—we are up early tomorrow morning, with our entire group meeting here at our hotel at 8:00 am for breakfast.

I need to go to the room to re-group and pack my items for our trip to Limoncillo…we have a group going there with buckets, clothes and food to distribute–while others will be going to work on one of our houses, others staying at Jovenes to work…and of course our basket weaving will continue at Jovenes en Camino!

A great trip so far—we are just going 90 miles a minute! Take care and have a great Journey to the Son!!!…more from Honduras tomorrow!

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