Thursday, July 17, 2014

“They smile a lot and are happy, but they don’t have a lot.” That is how Logan Calendine summed up his day at Limoncilo.

Today was a packed day in Honduras.

We brought the team that is staying at the Kellog Hotel to the other Hotel in Zamorano—the Club QUINTIA PAT.  This is a new hotel that opened in the spring…and it has allowed our group and the Huntsville, Texas group to have a place to stay!

The rest of the team joined us this morning for breakfast and to check out the hotel. Tomorrow they will join us for continental breakfast, before we head back to the city of TGU for our final days of work!

After breakfast, a small team headed to TGU to begin working on one of our houses, another small group stayed at Jovenes to work and to make baskets—and the larger group headed to Limoncilo to hand out food, clothes and buckets of supplies–along with our VBS, medical and dental work.  It was a full day.  We got back to Jovenes about 5 pm—time to load our buses, say good bye to the boys and head for PIZZA at a local restaurant.  With our Honduran friends—our group grew from 60 to 80!  We had a great time and enjoyed some great pizza!

I have to check out two Hotels in the morning…get the teams together for breakfast and then get the buses loaded and heading to two work sites, Baxter—hospital visits, VBS and construction….meanwhile—lunches have to be made, more water purchased—and everyone moved from place to place.

It will be another busy day.

I have to be up ready to roll by 6:15 AM as we make the transition from Zamorano to TGU!

I hope you enjoy the post and the pictures.  Everyone is doing great and all are having a great time as our Journey to the Son continues in Hondruas.

P.S…Congrats to Andrew and Beca Leeper—as Sadie will be a BIG SISTER in February!

And, Happy Birthday to Bethany…my baby girl turns 21 on Friday…I am sorry that her mother and I can’t be there to celebrate with her.  She also hates that she is taking a class (a requirement for getting into nursing school) and can’t be with us this week.
HAPPY Birthday!

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