It is early Monday morning, and we have just a few more hours in Honduras before we head home. Within a couple of hours we will be busy loading suitcases, rushing to the airport, checking in, paying our exit tax and saying our last goodbyes.

It has been another great trip. The team has been wonderful to work with–adjusting to schedule changes, and just the slow process of moving 60 plus around any city.

My updates are harder to write as we move through the week—and move back to the city. For some reason we are up later (night meals take longer, devotionals, etc.) and we are up early hitting the road…because of our limited time to finish our projects.

Friday Morning we all had breakfast at “Club Pat” hotel in Zamarano and then headed to TGU. We sent building crews to two work sites, the other big crew made lunches, went to visit the hospital and pass out “Love Bears”, and then they headed to Reyner’s Church (one of the first preachers I met in Honduras 22 years ago–we built our first of many houses in his community) for a VBS. The group would do another VBS at the Kennedy church on Saturday—and during our time in Honduras—they did four different VBS in four different communities and reached out to over 300 children!

Meanwhile, I worked with moving over 80 pieces of luggage to the Marriott and got our group checked into the hotel. When the group arrived from their different locations—they could go to their rooms for a little rest, before we headed out to dinner.

After dinner, we had a great devotional—and the “leather man”—a local preacher named Filippe–and a friend of ours for nearly 15 years—who preaches in a community that we worked in for years—until the gang activity made it unsafe for our teams. However, he and his family comes to visit us each year—they are beautiful singers—and they shared their music with us during the devotional—then we shared our funds with him—buying his leather goods! He had made everyone on the trip a tag/key ring to denote this year’s mission trip. His daughter Emily traveled with us on Saturday and Sunday and it was a blessing to have her among our group.

On Saturday, our construction crews put in a full day at the work sites. The other group visited a mission effort known as “women of HOPE” and learned the story of how they are helping women in Honduras—and they got some ideas on how we could help that ministry in the future. Then it was time for our VBS at the Kennedy Church—and then a “tour” of our “hillside” construction site! Some then made a trip to Walmart to buy some gifts and supplies for some of the boys and staff at Jovenes en Camino. One of our work sites completed their house, the “hillside” house is over 75% completed (it is being built for one of the new deacons at the Kennedy church—and the locals will complete his house this week—it was very hard to build on the side of the mountain–and will just take some extra time. We have left the supplies for them to complete the work.

Saturday night featured another meal, devo—and then the young folks headed out for a late night Soccer game! Always a Honduras highlight—to test our skills against our Honduras friends.

Sunday was a big day at the Kennedy Church as they installed elders and deacons for the first time. We have worked with this congregation for nearly all of their 15 years of existence. We supported them for years—until they become “self supporting”—we helped them buy their building. ( They showed a video of the history of the church yesterday—and I am going to try and get a copy or a link to post on our web site). I would estimate (not a good record keeper) that we have built 20 more house for some of their church members—including the two that we built this year.

Their preacher and elder—German—said yesterday that his visit to Brentwood Hills about six years ago for a “Mission Conference” inspired him to work hard to develop the leadership at Kennedy. They have had classes, seminars, prayer sessions—and spent years preparing the church for this day…and now their leadership is ready to lead by example. They have plans to grow this church and to plant churches in other communities (they have three church plants now)—I think Brentwood Hills might learn some lessons from the brothers and sisters at the Kennedy Church.

I had the honor to share the message yesterday—and Dick Garner led the the elder/deacon installation service. Others of our group participated in the service—and we also prayed over the home owners! It was another great day in Honduras.

Sunday night during our closing devotional on the top of the mountain overlooking the city—we all shared about our trip—and sang and prayed together…we truly are one big family here in Honduras—and we have loving named the Kennedy church–”Brentwood Hills—South”!

Time now to start packing, grab breakfast, collect the last give aways, load the trucks and buses, head to the airport, make sure all the bills are paid—transportation, rentals, hotels, drivers, workers—and the list goes on and on!

Lord willing, we leave Honduras shortly after noon today…and arrive in Nashville shortly after 10 pm ( usually there are some delays along the way!)

It has been another great trip to Honduras. They are all a little different—and over the years they have changed a lot—but still the same mission—to share the love Jesus with the people of Honduras—and to encourage the brothers and sisters here–who we have developed a long term relationship with over the years!

It has been another great Journey…and it continues today…and we head home to Nashville as our Journey to the SON continues….

Some of my favorite photos are below…and I’ve also put many on my Facebook page.  Click the link to check them out!

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