Monday Night, July 21…somewhere in the air between Miami and Nashville

It never fails.

Our  flight from Miami to Nashville is nearly always delayed.

Tonight, was no exception.

Our flight due to arrive in Nashville at 10:10 pm…will arrive almost one hour late.  We think that over 75% of the time the flight is delayed.

Tonight our plane was late arriving…our pilots were stuck in some other city, so they changed pilot and co-pilot and American got us in the air..about one hour behind schedule.

Our flight from TGU was on time and we had a smooth arrival and we were making good time going through immigration, getting our luggage, etc.  Then I noticed that Kyle Duke, his father, and his daughter Katherine had not picked up their bags.

I then went to my handy dandy note book that I carry with passport copies, list and the emergency phone list that Amy Bowman made for me this year!  I called Kyle, to learn that Katherine had left her passport on the plane—and security was in the process of going back on the plane to get the passport—-and what we thought might be a 15 minute delay—stretched to about an hour—but most importantly she got the passport!

I sent everyone else to the gate, and Barbara and I waited for the Dukes at the luggage—and then together we went through customs, AA baggage drop off and then to security screening.  We were all sent through TSA Pre-Check—but since they don’t have body scans—you know who, had to wait nearly 15 more minutes for a full body pat down–due to my artificial knee!

Finally, after a Skylink ride–we were at our gate—and ready for dinner!

Barbara had been busy on the phone since we landed, since Justin called as soon as we landed in Miami, to tell us that her dad passed out at Morning Pointe and had been taken by ambulance to Williamson Medical Center.  They were in the midst of running test…and he was doing much better…but will spend at least tonight in the hospital.

We are on the final leg of our trip.  It has been a good trip.  We had a lot of safety concerns–due to the increased gang activity and the transporting of Honduran children across our border between Mexico.  We took some extra safety precautions, and we stayed in groups and had a lot of our Honduran friends with us most of the time—and we had no real safety issues.  We are thankful and blessed.

It was almost a “sick free” trip…but by Saturday night—Wendy Burch was running a fever and not feeling well–at least a foot in the “Box”.  Netta Scott went in the box Sunday morning for a few hours…and a few others were on the edge–but they kept going and stayed out of the “BOX”.

I always like it when people stay healthy!

It will be a late night or early morning for many—before they can rest their head on their pillow—and most will be up early and heading to work tomorrow.  Since I have not had a break since before camp, I might sleep in a little tomorrow morning before heading to work to move suit cases and a 1 pm meeting.

Rachel Sawyer is also on this trip—not sure if she will make TNT tomorrow—but tonight she and our teens on this trip were playing spoons with pens, cards and mafia! The teens were having a blast and making the best out of the delay.  Barbara had commented to me tonight about how good the young people had been during the entire trip.

We are moving into the final 30 minutes of our flight.  It will be nice to see families, along with Walt Leaver and Michael Linn with the church buses to get our crew back to church!  One thing about this trip, I never fill relieved until that last car pulls out of the parking lot!  It is great to go—and great to get everyone home safely!

It has been another great Journey…and we send our prayers to all of our brothers and sisters in Honduras.  Please check Instagram, Facebook and twitter for more information and pictures about the BHCC Honduras Brigade 2014  #BHCCHonduras